Artison is a new speaker company with more going for it than just a clever name. It also boasts an impeccable pedigree (creator Cary Christie was a founder of industry pillar Infinity), some classy, smart industrial design, and a well-considered answer to the puzzle of how to mate plasma TVs with serious home theater speakers.

Classy Design

The design of your home theater is critical in creating the best possible experience. Location, seating distance, equipment, wiring and installation all of this play a key role in design

Experiential Implementation

Speaker placement, Acoustic Design, Room Design and Calibration are key elements of a classy design as every degree plays a different role

Modernised Screens

Trust no one else but the experts. As the world leader in imaging technology we know at architecture level everything about on screen experiences. You will be blown away by our high definition home theatre projectors.

Cinematic Sounds and Visuals

Engage your senses for an immersive theatrical experience in the comfort of your home with cinema quality visuals and surround sound

Immersive Experience

Get involved in the movie, music or the game with Immersive sound technology which literally puts you in the midst of the action

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